June 5, 2021
LOCATIONS: Dutch Harbor, AK., Seattle, WA. JOB DESCRIPTION The SS Sanitary Pipe Welder Fitter completes simple to difficult pipe fitting/welding of straight runs to rolling offsets in, stainless steel, sanitary pipe and/or aluminum. Welders must pass certifications as required and be willing to work in either marine or industrial facilities. {Dutch Harbor Alaska location pays per-diem...
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LOCATIONS: Dutch Harbor, AK JOB DESCRIPTION We are seeking a highly-skilled carpenter who can construct, erect, install, and/or repair structures and fixtures made of wood such as concrete forms, building frameworks, partitions, joists, studding, rafters, wood stairways, windows, and door frames. Also skilled in the installation of hardwood floors, cabinets, siding, drywall, batt or roll...
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