Become part of the IRI team of highly paid certified welders.

Start your lifelong career at IRI.

Learn a trade, and live a good life.

IRI will help you earn your welding certification with in-house training and testing. By becoming an AWSD 1.1 Certified welder with IRI, you’ll not only command a high wage to support a comfortable lifestyle, but you’ll have interesting work in a growing industry. 

We’ll mentor you until you are confident in your skills and abilities. 

I love working here. Every day flies by. It’s fun and interesting, but the best part of IRI is that it feels like family. I feel totally supported here.

Nigha BowenWelder at IRI since 2011

What You'll Learn and How You'll Grow

Project Management

Time Management

Communication Skills

Work Flow Efficiency

Workplace Safety

Work Ethic

Exposure to Real Projects

Exposure to Real Customers

Cost Control

Team Work