Alaska Historical Hangar Project

Alaska Historical Hangar Project

ClientState of Alaska
LocationDutch Harbor, AK

Scope of Work

IRI repurposed a 21,600 sq. ft. WWII airplane hangar to store snow removal and deicing trucks and mixing and storage of deicing fluids.  

Scope included:

  • Removed and replaced the roof including replacement of 4 large steel beams, historically accurate tongue and groove boards, insulation, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), and EDPM roofing.
  • Removed and replaced 40-foot high hangar doors with suitable doors for large snow removal and deicing trucks rather than airplanes
  • Install mixing system, stainless steel piping, and 20,000 gallon Storage Tanks for Urea and E36 DeIcing Fluids
  • Remediation of contaminated soil from the historic use of building discovered while installing new drainage trenches
  • Installation of a new drainage system, bathroom, compressed air system, diesel fueled boilers, electrical, and general plumbing in the building.

IRI utilized Small Disadvantaged businesses for this project.