American Seafoods Processor Maintenance

Trawler Maintenance

ClientAmerican Seafoods
LocationPier 91 Seattle

Scope of Work

American Seafoods has been an IRI client for more than 34 years. IRI has performed ongoing trawler processor maintenance on five boats: Northern Eagle, Northern Jaeger, Dynasty, Triumph, Rover, Katie Ann.
Key Accomplishments:

  • Repaired ballast tank steel to ensure structural integrity.
  • Reconfigured factory.
  • Built new living quarters.
  • Replaced Genset and exhaust system for Genset and mains.
  • Installed, repaired or performed maintenance on trawl winches, haul hydraulics, reefer piping, structural, exhaust piping and stacks, refrigeration and fuel line piping.
  • Performed emergency repair and turnaround maintenance.
  • Conversions from R-22 to ammonia on several boats.