Cedar Hills Landfill Value Engineering and Fabrication

Cedar Hills Landfill

LocationMaple Valley, WA

Scope of Work

Industrial Resources Inc., built the one-acre Cedar Hills BioEnergy Facility. The first-of-its-kind process required environmental construction experience as well as value engineering and fabrication.

To maximize constructability of the facility, IRI:
• Value engineered and assisted in the redesign of much of the concrete work for the fuel depot and control room.
• Prepared drawings for the structural steel pipe & electrical supports to be reviewed and stamped by engineers.
• Fabricated components of the plant including the compressor building, all pipe supports, exhaust tower stack plus all stairs and railings.

Although the components have been used before they have never before been assembled in this configuration and the developer, Ingenco, has a patent pending on the process. Industrial Resources Inc.’s ingenuity and skill building the foundation tied all the components together completing Ingenco’s goals.
Cedar Hills BioEnergy Facility facts:
• It is one of the largest landfill gas (LFG) to pipeline quality gas processing plants in the world.
• The facility enabled King County, along with Bio Energy Washington, an operating subsidiary of Ingenco, and Puget Sound Energy to turn local garbage into natural gas that will generate enough electricity to power about 24,000 homes.
• The facility reduces the carbon footprint of the landfill by 63%.
• It replaces the equivalent of approximately 350,000 barrels of imported oil per year.
• The facility will operate on a year-round, 24/7 basis to convert nearly all of the available LFG to useful fuel.
• The facility is built to last for the 20-year life of the landfill.