Kloosterboer Cold Storage

Kloosterboer Cold Storage

ClientKloosterboer Dutch Harbor
LocationDutch Harbor, AK

Scope of Work

When Kloosterboer decided to build a cold storage facility in Dutch Harbor, in the remote Aleutian Islands, they hired Industrial Resources to complete the job. With years of experience working on projects in remote areas under less than ideal weather conditions, IRI completed the 80,000 square foot storage facility in just six months time.

IRI built and assembled the plant with components from around the world.

With no local access to materials, deliveries required extensive pre-planning and ordering far in advance of required delivery.

Notable Facts:

  • Built the building shell during some record cold and snowy months
  • Assembled components from the U.S., as well as various parts of Europe and Asia
  • Encouraged fellow Skagit County company Skagit Readymix to ship a batch plant to Dutch Harbor to supply the necessary the high strength concrete for this and a number of other projects on the island

Kloosterboer Cold Storage information:

  • The 80,000 square foot facility is 50 feet tall
  • Maintains a consistent -20ºC temperature
  • Holds 20,000 tons of product – all types of Alaska fish products, primarily Pollock